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Air Conditioner

Try our new germ-fighting

MX4 Active Filter.


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We offer units that are guaranteed to be serviced and maintained. We sell Amana and Trane units, but can service any unit of any brand. All of our units come with our Comfort Club Program that is only $269 per year, per unit.

With our Comfort Club Program, your unit will be serviced by our HVAC certified workers. They will provide every service procedure that is listed on our SERVICES page.

"When you purchase a Complete System you'll Receive the Comfort Club Program with Consistent Maintenance Checks on your New unit For a Year, For Free!"


We offer many different Amana and Trane products for our costumers. If there is a product that you need, give us a call to place an order.

If you need installations for any of our products, schedule a service call and one of our HVAC certified workers will come and make the

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